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Every Network Has Vulnerabilities

Information Technology is not the same as Information Security and Cyber Security. As good as your IT team or Managed Service Provider is, their primary goal is building and maintaining your network infrastructure so that it runs as fast as possible. But that doesn’t always mean that it is protected against hackers who want to steal your sensitive data or deploy ransomware on your network costing you money and time.

SR2 Solutions’ consultants are cyber security specialists with many years of experience and professional training to find the vulnerabilities in your network that hackers will look for.

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We Will Work With Your IT Team or MSP to Mitigate Your Vulnerabilities

After SR2 Solutions scans your network we will review the data and develop a simple and cost effective plan to mitigate or even eliminate the vulnerabilities that we find. And we will work with your IT team or MSP to implement that plan.


What We Can Do For You

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Scan Your Entire Network

Identify and Scan all of the devices on your network, workstations, mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Over 150,000 Tests On each Network Device

We will test every single device on your network against a broad array of vulnerability tests

Deep Authenticated Scanning

We provide the option to do deep authenticated scanning on Windows, Linux and other operating systems running on your network

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

By conducting a vulnerability scan you can also satisfy network security audit or risk assessment requirements from standards such as CMMC 2.0, SOC 2, HIPAA, and other common industry requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need This When My Managed Service Provider/IT Department Handles My Security?

Many Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) advertise security services along with building and maintaining your network. And many of them do provide great services. But no one is perfect. And one mistake in your cyber security is an opportunity for a hacker to attack your network.

A good way to think of a network vulnerability scan is as an objective third party audit of your MSP’s or IT Department’s work in order to reduce your risk from cyber attacks.

Why Do A Network Vulnerability Scan When I Have a Firewall?

Firewalls are absolutely a necessity for office networks. However, firewalls will only protect against direct cyber attacks the originate from elsewhere on the internet. However, the vast majority of cyber attacks today bypass the firewall by tricking your personnel into downloading malware to their machine on your network by clicking on a malicious link in an email or a text message.

Is It Required That I Have a Vulnerability Scan?

It depends on what regulatory requirements exist for your organizations. Here are some examples where a vulnerability scan may be required or highly recommended:

  • CMMC 2.0 Level 2 or Higher – Required for RA.L2-3.11.2
  • SOC 2 – Recommended for CC7.1
  • HIPAA – Satisfies Regular Risk Analysis/Assessment Requirement
  • Some Business Insurance Providers can require vulnerability scanning or provide discounts on premiums as a part of cyber incident coverage
How Long Does a Scan Take?

It mostly depends on the size of your network. Small offices with around 10 people or less will generally take about half of a business day. Larger offices of 100 people or less will take around a full business day. More complex networks with multiple subnets or multiple physical locations can some times take more than a day.

After the initial scan is completed, SR2 Solutions will conduct its analysis and provide a recommended path forward to remediate the vulnerabilities that are found. We generally will provide our report within two to three business days after the scan is completed

What Happens After the Vulnerability Scan? What Do We Receive?

This is where SR2 Solutions conducts their analysis. Vulnerability Scans include a very large amount of raw data which requires the right expertise to analyze and turn into a useful product for your organization and your MSP or IT Team.

After completing the analysis within a day or two you will receive a full report from our team that includes the following:

  • A list of all vulnerabilities that we found during the vulnerability scan, and what devices those vulnerabilities were found on (desktops, laptops, mobile devices, IoT devices, and network infrastructure like switches and routers).
  • All vulnerabilities are objectively scored using the industry standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0 with higher numbers demonstrating higher risk.
  • A recommended strategy from SR2 Solutions on how best to mitigate the vulnerabilities that are found.

Built Around You

From Small Businesses to Large Enterprises with Multiple Sites

Small Businesses

Whether you are a small retail shop, a growing professional practice, or a sole proprietor you will still have an in house network with laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and maybe even some IoT devices.

We have affordable starter packages available to conduct annual vulnerability scans on small business networks of all types.

Single Site Enterprise

Ideal for larger companies that have complex networks that include multiple subnets, in house servers, or who have unique compliance needs such as CMMC, HIPAA, SOC 2, or other cyber security standards.

We have cost effective plans that can include deployment of a dedicated vulnerability scanner to run continuously or just periodically on your network. We will customize the vulnerability scanner to your unique infrastructure.

Multi-Site Enterprise

You’re a larger company with multiple networks operating at different physical locations. You may even have a data center where you run specialized software. Some of your clients may require that you maintain a certain level of compliance such as CMMC, HIPAA, SOC 2, or others.

We have cost effective plans to keep each of your sites continuously monitored for vulnerabilities. Including the ability to deploy a dedicated vulnerability scanner to each of your sites, or just one site. It will be customized to run on your unique infrastructure.

SR2 Solutions

Experienced Cyber Security Professionals

With over 20 years in the Cyber Security and Information Technology industries, SR2 Solutions will bring their unique expertise to tracking down and helping eliminate the vulnerabilities that exist on your organization’s network. We will bring that expertise to eliminate the ability of hackers to cause damage to your infrastructure or hold ransom through ransomware.

The reality is that the list of vulnerabilities is continuously increasing. They’re increasing at a rate that most MSPs and IT Departments simply cannot keep up with. SR2 Solutions consultants are cyber security specialists with a unique type of experience and training to identify what your network’s real vulnerabilities are before the bad guys can.

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