SR2 SCIF Server - Affordable Secure Communications for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether your people work in your office, work from home, or work on the other side of the world you can keep your team’s communications truly secure with dedicated End To End Encryption on a server that you control.

SCIF - Private, Encrypted Messaging

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility – Gain total privacy with best in industry end to end encryption for conversations with your family, friends, and colleagues from smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android!

Mission Critical Software Development

Software designed for both the business office and the toughest real world conditions. Our custom software development team has 20 years of experience working with Disaster Response, Government Agencies, Private Industry, and Cyber Security Services to build mission critical software solutions that work in all conditions.

When all of your technology fails, we don’t.

Ransomware Prevention Service

Ransomware is hitting companies of all sizes. From small family businesses, to midsize professional services firms, to fortune 500 companies. How prepared is your organization to prevent or respond to a ransomware attack?

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to provide the best security for you and your organization.

Experienced Cyber Security Consulting For Individuals, Businesses, and Critical Infrastructure

The internet has done some amazing things for our world. But just like any tool, it can be used by the bad guys to cause harm. And its not just large businesses that are threatened. Individuals, small businesses, critical infratructure are all becoming a target of hackers of all types whether state sponsored hackers, organized crime, or just the average criminal freelancer.

SR2 Solutions will work with you to help protect your organization at all levels. The name of our organization says it all. We will help Secure your information technology. And if the worst happens, we will help you Respond to incidents with our exclusive Incident Response Service and help you Recover from the incident to get you operational as quickly as possible.

About Our Team

We’ve brought together some of the best people in the cyber security and technology industry to provide a unique service to all of our customers and clients. Whether you need personal cyber security protection, business level policy development, cyber security consulting, secure programming, or encrypted communications we have the expertise that you will meet your needs.


Founder, Chief Cyber Security Consultant

Charles is an experienced Cyber and Information Security Professional with a demonstrated history of working in both the private and public sectors. He started SR2 Solutions after seeing so many cyber security breaches affect people from all walks of life from individuals, to small business owners, to major corporations, to parts of critical infrastructure. Skilled in Secure Software Development, Team Building, Leadership, and Management Consulting. Charles brings a unique perspective to the cyber security industry. Graduated from Lamar University MBA Program. Completed the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security at Texas A&M UniversityThe Bush School of Government and Public Service with an emphasis in Critical Infrastructure Protection. He completed an Executive Masters at The Bush School with a concentration in Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection and was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society in 2019 and Pi Alpha Alpha in 2020. He’s been a member of the FBI’s Infragard program since 2017. Charles is also the cochairman of the Cyber Security Working Group of the Department of Homeland Security’s Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) in Southeast Texas. Additionally, Charles is a Certified Professional Fellowship Member of the Institute for Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).

Information Security Professionals With Global Experience

Our team has over 20 years combined experience in technology and cyber security working with organizations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia to deliver quality solutions and consulting to companies in both the government and private sectors. Types of businesses and organizations that we have worked with include:

Oil & Gas

Finance & Banking

Technology Firms

Law Offices

Medical Offices

Government Agencies

Corporate Offices

Non Profits

Retail Stores

Architectural Firms

Construction Firms

And Many More…

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SR2 Transfer Service Launched to Make Teleworking Easier

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new SR2 Transfer Service! Everyone is stuck working from home. This means we're away from our coworkers and away from our clients. But we still have to be able to move files around, quickly and securely. Before...

Business Continuity During Stay At Home Orders

So as many in Southeast Texas have learned by the time of this writing, both the City of Beaumont and the various Southeast Texas counties have declared a "Stay At Home Order". Different jurisdictions appear to be putting these orders in place at different times. If...

Hackers Haven’t Closed Their Doors for COVID19, So Neither Will SR2 Solutions

While the current COVID19 situation has caused the shut down of a lot of businesses' normal operations, SR2 Solutions continues to operate while maintaining maximum safety for our team and our clients. The way we see it, the hackers haven't closed their doors so...

Work From Home To Help With COVID19, But With Cyber Security In Mind

By now pretty much everyone has heard the terms “social distancing” (keeping 6-10 feet away from each other in public) and “self quarantining” (locking down in your home when you’re symptomatic) to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus and “flatten the curve” (to...

Fake Online Coronavirus Map Delivers Well-known Malware

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) has put out an advisory about a malicious website pretending to be a live map of the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases. By taking advantage of the high profile events surrounding COVID-19, the website...

“Sign In With Apple” Announced, Why SR2 Is In Favor of This

Yesterday at Apple’s annual Developer Conference, a new feature, called Sign In With Apple, was announced for the upcoming iOS 13 to be launched to the general public this coming Fall 2019. We’ve had a number of questions from people asking what our cyber security opinion is about this feature. Bottom line, we are very much in favor of the use of this new feature wherever possible and highly recommend its use over other single sign-on services provided by companies like Google and Facebook.

SR2 Secure Cloud Now Available to Everyone

We are very excited to announce that we are making available the SR2 Secure Cloud Service for Individuals available to the general public today! All new users will receive 1 Gigabyte of storage for free with options to upgrade to larger plans. So what makes this cloud storage service unique from other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive? It’s simple. We put your security and privacy first.

Lamar University Opens Science & Technology Building

An exciting afternoon as Lamar University opened the Science & Technology Building! The first academic building built on campus in almost five decades! Many of the STEM departments will be playing a role in this building including the Computer Science department’s new Cyber Security program. While it is a Science & Technology focused facility, they also included several pieces of artwork throughout the building to emphasize the role that the humanities have always played in the world of science and technology. Congratulations to the people of Lamar University on the opening of this great new building!

A Week of Security Developments

It’s been an interesting week for security for SR2 Solutions this week, so I decided to do just a full blog post.

SR2 Solutions Launches Secure Cloud Storage Service

SR2 Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our own Secure Cloud Storage Service! Cloud storage services are great tools for businesses to be able to share files within their teams and with their clients. They have become essential collaboration tools for organizations of all types. But the well known brands like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box have been the target of successful cyber attacks that have exposed the confidential files of businesses both large and small costing these businesses millions of dollars in some cases.