SR2 SCIF - Private, Encrypted Messaging

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility – Gain total privacy with best in industry end to end encryption for conversations with your family, friends, and colleagues from desktops and laptops running Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android!

End To End Encryption

Every message that you send and receive is encrypted and decrypted on your device so that no one between you and the person you’re talking to can ever read your conversation. We use a mix of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and AES-256 Bit Cryptography. Simply the best most tested encryption available. Encryption that is implemented in such a way that not even the team at SR2 Solutions can read your messages.

Communicate With Privacy

Aside from best in industry encryption, we also built privacy into this app and our business practices. We will never give away or sell your information to a third party. We think too many technology companies use you and information about you as a commodity. We at SR2 Solutions don’t like being treated that way, so we won’t treat you that way. So your information stays with you and is never shared with anyone.

Enterprise Service Available

Want to bring best in industry privacy to your company or agency? We have enterprise level licenses available for any size organization. We can either host a server for your organization or help you setup your own on-site network appliance. We also include a version of the SCIF mobile app that is customized to use your organization’s branding and can be distributed exclusively to who you choose for maximum security.

Message Encryption Made Easy & Secure

The best, most secure way to message your family, friends, and colleagues from your iPhone or iPad! Using industry leading end to end encryption to make sure that no one can read your messages, not even us!

Messaging Built for Your Privacy

Not only are your messages fully encrypted, they can also be displayed encrypted to protect your privacy from casual glances by nearby people or someone who could be “shoulder surfing” your screen. Great for maintaining your privacy even while in public spaces list restaurants or large events.

Your Own SCIF Anywhere You Go

We keep our lives on our smartphones. Including a great deal of sensitive information such as financial data, medical data, communications with loved ones, and sensitive information for business. You need to keep that information safe with your own SCIF. We’re continuously adding new features as we build this platform beyond just text messaging. SR2 SCIF will quickly become your most reliable and most secure place to hold conversations with family, friends, and colleagues as well as to store your sensitive files and records.

Download the SR2 SCIF Client App for Your iOS or Android Device Today!

Apple iPhone/iPad


Android Smartphone/Tablet


SR2 SCIF Server for Businesses and Agencies

Does your organization work with a lot of sensitive information for your clients or personnel? We have custom enterprise level solutions for organizations of all sizes to further maximize the security of SCIF for you. With our enterprise solution you will have your own version of the SCIF app for iOS and Android devices for anyone that you choose, creating a closed system that only your people have access to.