Mission Critical Software Development

Software designed for both the business office and the toughest real world conditions. Our custom software development team has 20 years of experience working with Disaster Response, Government Agencies, Private Industry, and Cyber Security Services to build mission critical software solutions that work in all conditions.

When all of your technology fails, we don’t.

Custom Software To Fit Your Needs

There’s a lot of great software out there that you can pick up off the virtual shelf in an app store. But your organization is unique and has very unique requirements. That’s where our Mission Critical Software Development (MCSD) service comes in.

We will use our 20 years of experience in full stack development to build a technology solution that is as unique as you are.

Servers, Mobile Apps, Emerging Tech, We’ve Worked With It All

We are full stack software developers that build total solutions. Can we build an app for your team? Absolutely. We can also build the backend server and API to support that app and keep it running even under the most adverse conditions.

We also have experience with all of the emerging technologies from Machine Learning to Big Data, from End to End Encryption to Blockchain technology.

All Hazards Software Development

Just like your organization needs to be able to function during and after a disaster, so does your technology. This is especially true for Disaster Response organizations, Government entities, and Security focused companies.

All of our software solutions are designed with security and resiliency in mind to mitigate the impact of natural and man made disasters and cyber threats so that even under the worst conditions your technology will continue to work for you.

Government, Private Industry, Nonprofits

SR2 Solutions has worked with a wide variety of organization types over the years. In the Private Sector we’ve worked with companies in Finance, Medicine, Cyber Security, Energy, and Industrial Construction. In the Government Sector we’ve worked with federal, state, and local government entities on a variety of projects. We’ve even worked with a number of nonprofits through the years. Especially those who specialize in providing services during and after disasters.

Experts in Technology, Cyber Security, and Business

We’ll bring our years of experience with technology, professional training in risk management, and world class business expertise to your project to increase your mission effectiveness, maintain resiliency against disasters and threats, and maximize your return on investment.

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