Cyber Protection for You and Your Family

We’re becoming more and more connected to the internet every day. Social media, smartphones, tablets; all of this is enabling us to do more than we ever could before at work, school, and home. Unfortunately it is also exposing us to more risk than ever before.

Cyber stalking and harassment, identify theft, stolen photos and messages, ransomware; all of this is on the rise and hitting more of us every day.

How are you protecting yourself and your family against these emerging threats?

We Help Keep You and Your Family Safe

We will bring more than 20 years of technology and cyber security experience to help keep you and your family safe while you use technology. By using proven methods and industry best practices we will bring the best tools and strategies to the table in a way that is customized to you.

Start With the Fundamentals

Fundamental Security For Your Devices

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones. They all come out of the box with software and settings as a matter of convenience and in some cases to try and sell you something. But rarely is it done with your safety and security in mind. With this service you can bring in any device and we will apply all the best security settings available and remove any software that could create a weak spot in your security. All for a flat fee of $99 per device.

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Fundamental Security For Your Social Media

Social Media is a great technology for keeping up with your friends and family and can also be useful for school and work. However, all social media platforms were built for sharing as much of your information as possible by default possibly opening you and your family up to identity theft, cyber stalking and harassment, and other malicious activities. With this service we will analyze each of your social media accounts and put in place settings that keep you and your family safe for a flat fee of $99 for up to 3 accounts.

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Upgrade To A More Customized Level of Security

Vulnerability Analysis

The best way to secure your technology is take a deep look at the technology you have and how you use it. We will perform a deep analysis of all of the technology that you and your family use that takes into account how you use it to identify how you are likely to be attacked by hackers and cyber criminals. Then we will give recommendations on how to keep you and your family safe.

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Incident Response

Do you think you’ve been hacked? Are you concerned that your social media or devices are being stalked by someone? We can provide immediate support to lock down your technology and provide you with peace of mind.

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