Cyber Security For Your Business or Nonprofit

Cyber threats are everywhere and if you’re an organization they are taking aim at your data. The information that your clients trust you with is very valuable to hackers whether its usernames and passwords, billing data, medical records, or any kind of personally identifiable information.

How are you keep your organization and clients safe from cyber threats?

We Help Keep Your Clients and Your Personnel Safe

We will bring more than 20 years of technology and cyber security experience to help keep your organization and your clients safe while you use technology. By using proven methods and industry best practices we will bring the best tools and strategies to the table in a way that is customized to you.

Our Services

Network Vulnerability Scan

The best way to secure your technology is take a deep look at the technology you have and how you use it. We will perform a deep vulnerability scan of your office network looking for all the same vulnerabilities that hackers and ransomware look for. Out of date software, weak passwords, even human error from your IT services provider.

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Cyber Security Policy Development

We will bring our extensive experience in the business and government sectors to the table to help build an effective cyber security policy for your organization and help you fulfill your compliance requirements. Already have a cyber security policy? We can help you update that policy to current standards to meet current threats and comply with relevant regulatory requirements.

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Business Class Penetration Testing

The best test of your cyber security is to try and break it…without causing any actual damage of course. We will use the same strategies, tactics, and tools that real hackers would use against your infrastructure and put your security to the test with our Pen Testing service. Then we can help design a truly effective cyber security plan to keep your organization safe.

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Business Class Incident Response

Do you think you’ve been hacked? Are facing ransomware on your network? Has someone taken over your company website or social media? We can provide immediate support to lock down your technology and get your organization back up and operational in an effective and safe way.

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