We are very excited to announce the launch of our new SR2 Transfer Service! Everyone is stuck working from home. This means we’re away from our coworkers and away from our clients. But we still have to be able to move files around, quickly and securely. Before COVID19, this meant copying large project files to a USB drive and taking it to our coworker in the next office or meeting up with our client to hand off digital files. But that just isn’t an option when social distancing is a requirement.

That’s where the SR2 Transfer Service comes in. Think of it like a social distancing compatible USB drive replacement. With SR2 Transfer you can send any number of files that you need to send up to a full 40 Gigabytes to anyone. All you need is their email address. Starting today and through the whole month of April 2020, you can sign up for an SR2 Transfer Service and send up to two messages with up to 40 gigabytes in files to anyone! After the first two messages, the service costs only $9.99 per month, per user as part of a special pricing for anyone that signs up in the month of April as we all observe social distancing practice.

Sign up below for your account now so you can start sending your important digital files safely and securely!

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