While the current COVID19 situation has caused the shut down of a lot of businesses’ normal operations, SR2 Solutions continues to operate while maintaining maximum safety for our team and our clients. The way we see it, the hackers haven’t closed their doors so neither should we.

If anything, hackers are stepping up their game to take advantage of the current situation with fake COVID19 websites, emails, and mobile apps intended to spread ransomware. We’ve also seen DDoS attacks against the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). So we will continue to operate and provide the following services:

  • Incident Response – Bottom line, you will start to see some hits internal to your organization or with your customers and clients. We’ve actually already seen this with some clients. So we stand ready to provide rapid response to get your organization back on your feet if you get hit.
  • Network and Device Vulnerability Scans – A lot of companies are significantly adding to the size of their network, thus exposing their network to more threats. We continue to offer Network Vulnerability Scans to identify potential holes that malware can utilize to spread to your organization. We are also offering vulnerability scanning of individual devices for $25 each.
  • SR2 Update Videos – During this period of socially distancing, I will be producing daily videos with information on how to adapt to working from home or how to keep your business running while staying safe. We’ve already uploaded two videos to our new YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8eKJrtrCm89g6obt2pcjcw
  • Emergency Merchant Services – With shut down orders in a number of jurisdictions, curbside pickup and delivery is the only option for a number of restaurants, cafes, and many other small businesses. We have a great deal of experience setting up organizations with debit/credit card processing systems and have a current relationship with Square who is making a lot of great moves for these kinds of businesses. We can help them get setup for a flat rate of $100 and we can provide them with $1,000 of free credit/debit card processing (they normally charge a little under 3% per transaction).
  • Business Continuity Planning – The fact is, we know this current situation will come to a close. This is a great opportunity to review your organization’s capabilities for continuing during a disaster and making plans to remain resilient into the future no matter what that may bring our way. So we will be offering consulting how to keep your business operational whether its COVID19, hurricanes, floods, fires, or tornadoes.

The economic impact of the current situation will only be reduced if we can work on unique ways to keep our businesses running. That’s what SR2 Solutions is here to help you do. Please feel free to call us at 866-422-1199 or email me at [email protected].