It’s been an interesting week for security for SR2 Solutions this week, so I decided to do just a full blog post.

We Launched a Secure Cloud Storage Service!

First the big item. Late last we launched our Secure Cloud Storage Solution and the response has been absolutely amazing with several potential clients expressing an interest in incorporating this service into their business operations. Cloud services are here to stay, especially for those who work in the business administration side of an organization. So it is important to make sure that cloud storage is secure and fits any of your compliance needs. That’s where our service fits in. Unlike many larger solutions from companies like Dropbox and Google, ours was built with security in mind from the ground up. We also won’t take a one size fits all approach with your account. Every organization is different with different business structures and different compliance and regulatory requirements. So we will customize your cloud storage to you and your organization.

New Cyber Security Developments in Southeast Texas!

As some of you know, I sit on the Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board at Lamar University. Something that this great department has been working on for a while now is the development of a Cyber Security curriculum. They are finally making some serious progress towards this with the development of a cyber security certificate program and will eventually be adding a full degree in cyber security. Even bigger and more immediate than that is the opening of Lamar University’s new Science & Technology building right in the middle of campus. Within this building will be a totally new Cyber Security Lab for the Computer Science students. We’re very excited about the potential opportunities this will provide both the Computer Science students and the cyber security industry in this area. I will be at the grand opening this coming Wednesday along with several others from the Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection world. I hope to see everyone there.

Cyber Security a Priority For Industry In The Area

I also had the chance to attend the annual meeting of Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council & Area Maritime Security Committee. Much of the discussion at this meeting involved key points around the importance of cyber security to industry in the area. As the Entergy, Chemical, and Transportation sectors become more and more dependent on technology and automation, security that protects that automation will become more and more important to protecting these critical infrastructure sectors against both manmade and natural disasters.